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Partnership Delivers Clear Results UK – BoreSaver Ultra C Pro Case Study

When a large water utility company identified iron bacteria problems with three of its boreholes, it called on borehole maintenance specialist Drilcorp and treatment experts Geoquip Water Solutions for advice.

Working together, they began with a mechanical clean, involving an initial camera inspection, followed by extensive jetting and airlifting to remove a significant build-up of sediment, sludge and other debris. Drilcorp’s Borestorer was then used to perform high pressure jetting to clean the casing and improve well efficiency before another airlift was performed to remove remaining debris.

With the physical cleaning completed, Geoquip’s BoreSaver Ultra C Pro, a proven biodegradable well rehabilitation treatment well known for tackling iron contamination, was applied.

Tests were then undertaken by Drilcorp, using an energy efficient 150kW Franklin Electric E-Tech borehole pump supplied by Geoquip. Data was sent to the water company’s hydrologist, who confirmed the performance of all three boreholes had improved.

Geoquip’s Mike Deed said: “We were pleased to partner with  Drilcorp to overcome the contamination problems and ensure the boreholes were once again ready to supply the quality and quantity required to serve the utility company’s customers.”

Client:Large water utility company
Product:BoreSaver Ultra C Pro, Borestorer & 150kW Franklin Elecric E-tech borehole pump 
Project Description:Tackling iron bacteria problems in three boreholes providing major water supplies
Keywords:Iron bacteria, borehole cleaning, Drilcorp, Geoquip, well rehabilitation, BoreSaver, Franklin Electric

Michael Bushby, from Drilcorp, said: “By using both the Borestorer and BoreSaver cleaning processes, we were able to provide a good all-round clean and the combination of these processes, together with our partnership with Geoquip, worked really well..”

Photos: Drilcorp