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BoreSaver is the approved range of well and borehole cleaners for water supplies suffering from build-up of iron bacteria, iron oxide, manganese oxide, calcium carbonate and other minerals. Please see our range of products below.

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Orange rusty coloured slime deposits that build up in wells, boreholes, pumps and pipes

BoreSaver Ultra C

Iron oxide
Manganese Oxide
Iron Bacteria

Ultra C completely removes iron and manganese oxide deposits and controls iron bacteria contamination

BoreSaver Ultra C PRO

Severe Cases of Iron 
Manganese Oxide

Ultra C Pro is the factory blended version of liquid enhancer and Ultra C and is a enhanced cleaning treatment for more severe cases of iron and manganese oxide contamination.

BoreSaver Multikleen MKL-I-ECO

All purpose
Iron OxideCalcium
Carbonate (Lime Scale) Manganese

Multikleen is the new all-purpose cleaning treatment that treats combination problems. It completely removes iron oxide, calcium carbonate and manganese oxide deposits as well as other scale-based residues. It also controls and minimises iron bacteria.

BoreSaver IKL Pro

Calcium carbonate (Limescale)
Manganese oxide

IKL Pro removes calcium carbonate (limescale) and related deposits. It is also ideal for removing high levels of manganese oxide or for combination problems where iron and/or manganese oxide deposits are present with calcium carbonate.

BoreSaver Liquid Borehole Cleaner

BoreSaver Liquid

Iron Bacteria control in sensitive installations
Enhancer for entire range

BoreSaver Liquid Enhancer is used when greater iron bacteria control is required or in sensitive installations where quality of supply or flow is critical. This can be added to the entire range of products for more power.

BoreSaver Antifoam

Reduce foaming

BoreSaver Antifoam is designed to reduce foaming following any BoreSaver remediation work.

BoreSaver completely removes deposits and residues that build up and cause blockages in wells, pipes, pumps and other equipment.

Completely safe and fast-acting, BoreSaver improves the quality, output and flow of water supplies and extends the working life of pumps and related equipment.

See our range of products below. If you aren’t sure which product to use please use our range guide to help you select the right product. GWS – Boresaver Range Usage Chart and checklist

Please contact us if you need assistance with selecting the suitable product for your problem.