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East Grinstead Town Football Club – BoreSaver Ultra C Pro Case Study

Thanks to support from the Football Foundation and Mid Sussex District Council, East Grinstead Town Football Club (EGTFC)  recently invested in a new drainage  and automated pitch irrigation system, as well as the installation of a borehole paid for by donations.

The club’s aim is to have the best grass pitch in the area, something it believes will help attract better players and allow its youth team to play more often.

The borehole was installed by West Sussex-based Nicholls Boreholes and included a Franklin Electric model VS4-7 4” Submersible E-Tech Pump.

Mark Aylwin, from Nicholls Boreholes, says: “At all levels of the game the potential scarcity of water is becoming increasingly important. We see more and more football clubs turning to boreholes as a way of controlling future water costs and guaranteeing consistency of supply.”

Mark stresses the importance of a good maintenance programme as, if bacteria builds up, it can damage both the filtration system and the pump. The Nicholls team recommends the BoreSaver range of borehole cleaning and rehabilitation treatments from Geoquip Water Solutions to treat a variety of contamination problems.

Client:East Grinstead Town Football Club
Location:East Grinstead, Sussex
Product:BoreSaver Ultra C ProFranklin Electric VS4-7 4″ Submersible E-tech Pump
Project Description:Installation of a new borehole as part of a major pitch drainage and irrigation project
Keywords:Football pitch, irrigation, borehole, Nicholls Boreholes, Franklin Electric, Geoquip Water Solutions

“Installing a borehole has worked very well. It is helping us save on mains water costs and gives us control of our water supply” Richard Tramontin, chairman of EGTFC

Photos: credit Stuart Gibson, EGTFC