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Nitrifying Bacteria N Biological Activity Reaction (BART) Test

Biological Activity Reaction (BART) Test kit specifically designed to detect the presence of Nitrifying Bacteria – N

Biological Activity Reaction (BART) Test for Nitrifying Bacteria – N

Nitrifying bacteria recycle organic nitrogenous materials from ammonium (the endpoint for the decomposition of proteins) to nitrates. In water, aggressive nitrifiers can produce high concentrations of nitrates. Nitrates in water can be a potential health risk, particularly to infants who have not yet developed a tolerance to nitrates.

Aggressive nitrifying bacteria in waters may indicate the latter stages of aerobic degradation of nitrogen-rich organic matter. This can indicate that the water may have been polluted by nitrogen-rich organics from sources such as compromised septic tanks, sewage systems, industrial and hazardous waste sites and is undergoing an aerobic form of degradation.


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