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Potato Farm Borehole: East Anglia – BoreSaver Ultra C Pro Case Study

When a potato and vegetable farmer in East Anglia discovered his boreholes were failing to deliver the yield he needed to water his crops, he needed urgent expert advice.

He asked Treewaters Control Systems to undertake a camera survey at one borehole, where yield had dropped from 1.8mper minute to 0.6m3

The survey revealed a build-up of residue and biofilm, caused by iron-related bacteria (IRB), was blocking the pipes and borehole casings. A brushing and cleaning programme was carried out, followed by a treatment of BoreSaver Ultra C Pro, supplied by Geoquip Water Solutions. Specially designed to  eliminate iron bacteria in boreholes, it includes a biodegradable marker, guaranteeing no chemical residue is left in the water supply, ensuring no detrimental impact on any crops.

The severity of the problem meant two doses were required, together with further cleaning. Maintenance doses have since helped keep the bacteria at bay and yield has now returned to around 1.57m3.

BoreSaver Ultra C Pro was also used to treat a second borehole, where a full cleaning programme and camera survey is being planned.

Client:Potato and vegetable farmer
Location:East Anglia
Product:BoreSaver Ultra C ProR-CAM 1000 XLT borehole Camera
Project Description:Borehole performance impacted by bacteria and affecting crop irrigation
Keywords:Boreholes, bacteria, camera survey, BoreSaver Ultra C Pro, iron related bacteria, irrigation, potatoes, IRB, Laval borehole camera, agriculture, crop irrigation

“The treatment really saved our bacon as, without the borehole working efficiently again, we would have run out of water,” East Anglian farmer.