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Hydrogrow Jersey BoreSaver – Case Study

Jersey-based Ben Blampied-Smyth, managing director of HydroGrow, a specialist Hydroseeding and irrigation contractor, has more than 20 years’ experience in land management and a degree in Sports Turf & Soil Science.

He started using BoreSaver when he was Head Greenkeeper at Royal Jersey Golf Club and continues to use the treatment solution in a number of different locations. These have included a Hydroseeding project where the irrigation system appeared to have broken down, and a borehole on a farm where the owner had invested in an expensive water filtration system.

“Jersey has high levels of iron and magnesium in the ground and we often find that irrigation systems and boreholes will clog up with iron, with the result that water pressure will drop and they struggle to get a decent flow,” says Ben.

“The benefit of BoreSaver is that as well as solving the immediate problem, it cleans the pump and the pipes to increase pressure and give better flow rates, making it both time and cost effective, something which, given the cost of water, is also important.”

Client:Ben Blampied-Smyth, HydroGrow
Location:Jersey, Channel Islands
Product:BoreSaver Ultra C
Project Description:Providing a solution to Jersey’s iron contamination problems
Keywords:BoreSaver Ultra C, borehole contamination, iron bacteria, IRB, iron oxide, iron build up, borehole clean, irrigation, borehole, low flow.

“I could see the irrigation system was blocked with iron bacteria — after treating it with BoreSaver, I was able to get it back up and running.”