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Case Study – Belfast (Public Water Supply) Ultra C


Water Services, NI
Belfast N Ireland
BoreSaver Ultra C
Project Description:
The remediation of a well that had been abandoned 3 years previously due to extensive iron oxide and iron bacteria clogging.
BoreSaver Ultra C, public water supply, remediation, iron bacteria, iron oxide residues

“The yield of 4Ml/day was restored and the abandoned borehole was brought back into public supply one week after the treatment.”

A 98m deep bore, used to supply public water for Belfast, had been abandoned three years previously due to severe iron oxide and iron bacteria contamination. A downhole video camera survey revealed that the well liners were completely clogged, with up to 5cm of film observed over a 40m length of the PVC liner. The well was unable to sustain yields of more than 0.2Ml/day, despite an original yield of around 4Ml/day in the early 1970’s.

Previous remediation attempts using high pressure jetting at a sister borehole proved unsuccessful, damaging the well liner and making the well unusable.

BoreSaver Ultra C was added to the well, resulting in removal of the iron bacteria and iron oxide deposits. The residues safely pumped away to waste. Subsequent pumping tests indicated that the original borehole yield of 4Ml/day had been restored. Within one week of the remediation being completed, the borehole was brought back into public supply for the first time in 3 years.


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